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  Tax Preparations  

Income Tax Returns For Individuals

Let’s face it—taxes are confusing—especially for the average consumer. Every year, the government enacts dozens of new tax laws that could affect your tax return. Using state-of-the-art software, we make sure we help you obtain the maximum refund possible. We have a multifaceted system of assessing our clients tax year. It includes a review of our clients previous tax year return (if it’s a new client), an extensive interview that touches on several facets with the goal of forming a comprehensive financial picture to help with identifying all tax advantages for our clients. Too many times, these reviews of the prior year returns have identified significant misses by previous tax preparers and we have ended up recovering more moneys for these clients. Bring along your prior year return and we will review it for free as part of the current year engagement. Seek the assistance of a skilled tax professional in Gerald Omari, CPA this year to minimize your tax liability and maximize your return. Contact us.

Income Tax Returns for Businesses

Don’t miss a single tax break. With over two decades of expertise, we know how to find the tax breaks you’ve been missing year after year. Our tax preparation services for businesses are available year-round, so don’t hesitate to contact us today about your tax return needs.

Tax Preparations

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